FFIS Publications

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Budget Briefs
Reports on the federal budget process that address current actions (e.g., the president's annual budget, congressional budget resolutions, appropriation bills, etc.), as well as ongoing budget concepts and trends.

Status of Appropriations (http://thomas.loc.gov/)

Competitive Grant Updates
These updates are issued weekly and provide states with information about recently announced competitive grant opportunities, including links to application materials.

Issue Briefs
Analysis of the state-by-state impact of program, formula, and data changes—proposed and actual—on grant-in-aid funding.

Federal Grants Database
FFIS produces semi-annual state-specific updates of about 200 actual and projected federal grant-in-aid program allocations. The programs tracked by FFIS account for more than 95% of total federal grant-in-aid spending. Updates are produced after the president's budget is released in February and when Congress completes action on the federal budget.

Special Analyses 

The VIP Series
This series consists of two publications that combine timely state-by-state estimates with a focus on the largest and most important federal grant-in-aid programs. The first report reflects the impact of the president's proposed budget and the second reflects the impact of the enacted budget. The VIP Series is released within a few days of presidential and congressional action.

Program Descriptions 
The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (www.cfda.gov) includes descriptions of the grant programs included inthe FFIS database, and describes the formulas used to determine grant amounts and any matching requirements.

FFIS Presentations

Major Program Funding: The Jim Martin Table
Jim Martin was the long-time director of state-federal relations for the National Governors Association. He asked FFIS to develop a one-sheet handout that would list the recent funding for a host of major grant programs. It has proved very popular over the years, and in the Hall of the States is simply referred to as the Jim Martin Table.

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