About Us

The federal budget provides about 30% of state revenue, making it the largest single source of funds for many states. Federal Funds Information for States (FFIS)—founded by Vic Miller on behalf of the National Governors Association and the National Conference of State Legislatures—helps states manage their federal funds by analyzing the impact of federal actions on states—be it sequestration, budget enactment, new legislative proposals, or potential government shutdowns.

FFIS reports include (click on link for the report):

  • A weekly listing of federal grant opportunities

  • A weekly summary of congressional actions, and agency guidance and regulations

  • State-by-state budget estimates of congressional actions and changes in grant funding

  • Summaries of the federal budget process and its effect on states

  • The VIP Series, 50-state estimates in 48 hours after release and enactment of the federal budget

  • An online Grants Database, detailing state allocations of more than 240 federal grant programs which accounts for 90% of all federal funds flowing to state and local governments

  • Special analyses on other matters of interest, such as federal funding per capita

  • Resources to help states manage federal funds, such as how to establish a grants office and an inventory of all federal grants     

  • Access to FFIS staff to answer questions via e-mail, phone, webinars, or site visits

  • Semi-monthly State Policy Reports

Does Your State Subscribe? 

If you like what you see and you're a state employee from a subscribing state, contact Carol Ryder ([email protected] or 202-624-5849) and we'll add your e-mail address to our database so you receive FFIS publications. Also, we'll get you login information for the FFIS website.

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